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Glen Allen, Virginia

Desktop Publishing Services

Let us design something special for you or your business!

All desktop publishing services are delivered in read-only pdf format and provided via e-mail after payment is received. Editable versions are available for an additional $25.00 fee per proof. One free revision will be provided on each desktop publishing item if revisions are submitted within 3 business days. Each additional revision will be $10.00 per occurrence. If major revisions are needed, this fee may be increased. Copying services are available. Please call for a quote. All items are created in full-color unless black and white is requested.

Flyer Proof

Perfect for Business Advertisements, Parties, etc.

$25.00 for first side, $10.00 for second side

  • 8 1/2 x 11 and 8 1/2 x 14


Tri-Fold Brochure Proof ($50.00)


Business Card Proof

$25.00 for first side, $10.00 for second side


Printed Business Cards - Proof Required

$5.00 single-side per sheet with a 5 sheet minimum


Address Label Proof ($15.00)


Printed Labels - Proof Required

Avery 5160 size $5.00 per sheet

Avery 5163 size $6.00 per sheet


Resume Proof

$30.00 per page; $15.00 for each additional page

  • All information must be provided.
  • On-site resume creation is recommended and is available for $30.00 per gour not including the resume proof charge.


PowerPoint Creation

$30.00 for the first 10 slides, $2.00 for each additional slide

  • All information must be provided in outline form.
  • One stock image per slide will be included.
  • Custom images may be imported for a $2.00 per image fee.
  • On-site resume creation is available for $30.00 per hour not including the PowerPoint creation charge.